Development of a Trading Bot for Perpetual Futures

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We are developing a trading bot for automated cryptocurrency trading on the futures market, based on an algorithm we developed ourselves.

The focus of our project is on the automated execution and allocation of orders according to a predefined trading plan. This is done within a predefined trading range, taking into account a geometric or asymmetric growth factor. The goal is to achieve an optimal average position value, even if market prices move against our long or short strategy.

An optional hedging function is integrated to generate returns in volatile market phases and to secure the main position. Additional risk management strategies include closing all positions or closing and settling the earnings from the hedging position according to a predetermined factor.

To secure profits and enhance profitability, in addition to a fixed Take Profit (TP), the option of a dynamic Take Profit is also offered. This is calculated from the break-even point of the main and hedging positions. Optionally, a trailing stop can be implemented to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

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