Insights into the Functioning of the Trading Bot for the Futures Market

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Die Entwicklung des Trading-Bots für den Futures-Markt wurde abgeschlossen. Er verfügt über eine Vielzahl konfigurierbarer Parameter, die es ermöglichen, die Handelsstrategie optimal an die jeweilige Kryptowährung und Marktsituation anzupassen.


After selecting the trading pair, the trading strategy (long or short), and the leverage, the total amount of contracts is distributed within a predefined trading range. The size and number of individual orders are determined by a configurable growth type (asymmetric or geometric) and factor, as well as by the size of the first order. When using the hedging function, each main order is followed by a hedging order according to a predetermined factor.

A choice is available between a fixed Take-Profit and a dynamic version, which continuously adjusts according to the Break-Even Point (BEP) of the main and hedging positions after each order execution. The profit strategy can additionally be supplemented with a trailing stop for securing and optimizing profit taking.

Combination risk options include: settling the hedging position according to a factor with the main position, an offset order to adjust the quantity of the hedging position to the main position, or closing all positions at a specific price.

Liquidating the hedging position to realize profits, combined with a fixed or dynamic take-profit, along with re-establishing individual hedging orders (rehedging) during price pullbacks is also possible. After liquidating the positions upon reaching the take-profit level, an automatic restart can be performed.

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