OkiFin Ecosystem

OkiFin specializes in the investment and management of assets based on Distributed-Ledger-Technology (DLT).


Our investment portfolio includes trading in crypto assets, participation as a financial investor in token issuances, and promising crypto startups.

Liquid crypto assets

Our strategic focus is on trading in listed crypto assets. For this purpose, we use self-developed automated trading systems in the form of trading bots. Advanced methods of technical analysis and algorithmic trading rules are utilized to achieve optimal performance in the markets.



We participate in token emissions from the development phase. In this phase, we can acquire tokens at a reduced price before they are made available to the public. This gives us the opportunity to benefit from the potential profits of the project once the tokens are available on the market.

Forms of participation


As a financial investor, we participate in innovative token and blockchain projects. We offer various forms of participation that allow us to get involved in the earliest stages of a project. This early involvement gives us the opportunity to effectively utilize the growth potential.

Forms of participation

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